Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity,” says Richard Branson, the British billionaire, entrepreneur, and business magnate.

While skills tests and other evaluation tools have been around for decades, quite a few organizations still conduct screening tests for candidates by reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. While these tactics certainly have their merits, they do not provide quantifiable data about candidates’ skills and abilities. Skills tests allow employers to screen candidates more effectively and shorten the hiring process. Streamlining the hiring process has become essential as companies are racing to offer employment opportunities to quality candidates before they find a position elsewhere. At this juncture, providing employment screening and talent analytics solutions in the Asia Pacific region is Hong Kong-based eeVoices.

As millions of workers have quit their jobs during the Great Resignation and employers, compete to fill open positions, the subsequent surge in hiring has led to a boom in employment background checks. eeVoices’ commitment to the organizations that use their services is to provide timely, quality information that adds value to their hiring decisions, retention strategies and people decisions. A fundamental tenet at eeVoices is its commitment to considering all interactions with people and customers as relationship-building opportunities that their services will seek to enhance.

Throughout the years, eeVoices have been working with major banks and global firms that require the highest security infrastructure for their data storage. By learning from its clients and external technology consultants as well as eeVoices in-house technical specialists, they are able to present clients with solutions that are trusted by hundreds of reputable firms globally.
Providing a secure solution for clients and employers across the globe is always the top priority for this pre-employment screening company, and the investment in the latest technologies will never stop but is being constantly reviewed and updated for the best outcomes. Furthermore, the team at eeVoices has been assisting candidates in obtaining their criminal records for 10+ years in different countries across the globe. Throughout the years, the firm has developed professional protocols and procedures in place to assist candidates in procuring their criminal records efficiently in a timely manner, complying with the local laws.

eeVoices further takes a full-service approach to assist various HR teams in setting up and managing the entire reference check process. This process includes a customized questionnaire, professional reporting, workflow compliance, and industry standards. Additionally, as an expert in employment screening and analytics, eeVoices has developed a team of experts specializing in utilizing people data for decisions, be it for internal client satisfaction, employee engagement level or talent retention strategies, eeVoices has the right solution for businesses.

With our commitment to service level, compliance standard, and technology investment, we are proud to be known as a background check vendor that provide HR-focused, fast, reliable, and industry-leading service level solution at an affordable pricing standard

At eeVoices, the team prides itself on its flexible workflows that can be customized for different hiring managers. The company’s agile and client-centric management philosophy has contributed to the great success of its system design. From data forms to online report and API integration, the eeVoices team of trusted advisers provides firms with the best solution.

“Helping organizations take the risk out of people’s decisions” is eeVoices vision, and it is also what they do for its customers. Going forward, eeVoices will live up to the spirit of providing leading-edge services and solutions that reflect the aspirations and values of the organizations they serve.